The Shoutbox
What do you mean in saying that you didn't understand it? I can understand that you may not go for it, but yeah. Just a question.
One movie I just didn't understand is Traffic. Just didn't do it for me. Of course, we've had this conversation before so I won't go kick up dust about it again. Off I go now to watch my movie.
Righteo. I started watching Traffic with my brothers, but their leaving to go into twon so I'll watch it again later, no doubt.
I'm gettin ready to plop down and watch Curse of the Jade Scorpion. I'll letcha know what I think of it.
"Captain McCalaster, isn't it true that you're not a real Captain?"
It's a reference to The Simpsons. It's that sea captain guy who sees Homer doing something (I forget what. Probably just him half-naked or something). He says "Yarrr, that'll replace the whale in my nightmares."
The wha?! THE WHALE? What the nut?!
DUDE! I completely forget that today was Groundhog Day! The day when we all get together and worship (and eat) Groundhog, right? Or something like that. Freakin' hilarious movie. Ned Ryerson will replace the whale in my nightmares.
"PHIL?!""NED?!" I loved that movie.
Don't know... I was too busy trying to find Groundhog Day on TV this morning... I want to go and buy it real bad...
Did the little blighter see a shadow?