The Shoutbox
I chuckled, I admit.
You laughed! Admit it dammit!
Yeah, that too.
I told him I was going to come over there and give you a big kiss right on the mouth you sexy boy! That'd cheer you up! WooHoo!
And what are you basing your reasoning on?
Bummer man. Hope you feel better. Don't worry, though -- I've got reason to believe you'll cheer up shortly.
It's another depressing day..
"Zoomdaba," he exclaimed with great relish.
Alright I admit it!! It was ME!! And the guy is the faded red shirt, it was him you put the dit in the "dit-dit-dit-di-da"!!!!

I'm actually seen a police interogation sketch by Jimeoin based on this entire concept...