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I'm guessing that Sissy'll take it.

BTW: a sequel to Bridget Jones' Diary is in the works.
I really want Rene Zelwiger to win for best actress...even though i would bet on Nichole Kidman...I dunno. That category is a toss up this year. Spasek has a good shot at it, too.
Thanks. You're the best, Chris.
don't laugh at me...
I fixed it...
damn. sorry guys. Shit! I hate typos! drive me crazy!
Silver...Oh shoot. Nevermind. You can HAVE that one, Chris.. Shoot...I hope this isn't double posted...I stopped it to fix a typo.
Naw...I don't buy it. People pray all the time over anything important. Like when he was trying to sail out the first time. He wouldn't have prayed at all then? Or when he, against all odds, got BACK? No mention of anything? Pshaw. I think not.
Least I think.
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Well, it's true.
I personally had no trouble.
The reason he didn't turn to God is because he had no hope and no faith. At all. He wouldn't be turning to God if he didn't had faith in survivial. Instead he turned to death, and that didn't work out. He thought he'd die on the island, hence never turning for God. When nothing can help you, there's no point.