The Shoutbox
Either. Whichever you prefer. Got an IM program? That'll make it easier...
Why? Can I interest you in a game? I'm pretty bored...
Why would they be doing that, Matt?

SC: depends. and are both pretty good.
I'm working my largest project ever and I have two people gunning for me at the same time... trying to sabotage me.
Can you say "week from hell"
My brain is so entirely fried I fear I would be no challenge
Yes, rare indeed. How is you, Toose? Any chance I can lure you into a game of chess?
A very rare Toosical evening appearance...Howdee!
Stood up by an Othello-playing Atheist. Ouch. Yeah, no problem man.
Hey Commish,

Just dropping in for a few seconds to say I can't make it tonight. Sorry, man. I'm out! Later.
Sunday the 24th it is.

Happily a few years back the Academy finally moved the ceremony to Sunday night instead of Monday night. That was tiring. At least now I can nap all day Sunday to prepare.

And napping all day would be different from every other Sunday how?