The Shoutbox
That's still fun...
Checkmate in fifteen words.
You think you're so good. You know what you need? A dose of fish fingers....
No, only I can edit them. Mwahahahaha.
Sorry man. It was a good idea, though. I love JavaScript alert messages. I might be able to do something, though, where people can have a special "message" field, so that when you click on their avatar or something, it displays the message in the same form. Whatcha think? Don't wanna toss your fun completely out the window if I can help it here.
We can edit these Shouts now?! Wha?!
Okay... I understand... no fun for me...
I was just horsing around... I wouldn't hack at you... hello Matt
Maybe I can turn HTML on for individual people. I'm not sure. Hang on, I'll see what I can do. EDIT: Nope, won't let me. Sorry, man. Just a little too much of a security risk.
Because HTML isn't allowed, sorry to say. That would allow people to imbed all kinds of things...JavaScript redirect code among them, I believe. Or a tag to throw off the precise table alignment. Sorry.
Hello Matt.