The Shoutbox
It would depend entirely on the strength of the said Woodcuk's forearms.
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
pleeeeez sirrr, can i ave some more?

"Sounds like somebody has a case of the Monday's." Got my number!! It was just one of those days.
Yes. Yes I do. Peas and carrots, peas and carrots, peas and carrots, peas and carrots...
Holden, have you made that same shout before? do you like yelling out rubber baby buggy bumpers?
Must you be right all the time?!
Sorry babe, I can't help the way I am.
Ugh, I slept most of today. Mildly sick. Feeling better, though. I really need to sleep well tonight and get back into a solid rythem.
Rubber baby buggy bumpers
HAHA...that's sooo weird. When people here are getting off school, our little Silver is just going to school.
Seeya all. Off to school. I might log on for a bit while I'm there see how things are going. T, is going to overtake me in here this morning. And you'll reach 1000 shouts too. Have fun.