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I have adapted the bull persona TWT, has nothing to do with zodiac. I am "bullish" in nature. I am quick to anger, quick to react, or over-react (bloodshot eyes and smoke from the nose and all) without thinking of the consequences. I charge first and regret later.Enter your comments here.
hallucinogen - gamma goblins part 1 & 2 - WOAAAH! freaky music!
Spud, I actually don't get what you mean. But ah, well.
Man, I guess putting the most recent Shout on the mainpage has had a major effect on The Shoutbox. Freaky...didn't expect it to be quite so active. Now all I need is to have the smilies converted on here. Oh boy, more work.
Hmmmmm, sounds like you should see a doctor and get rid of it. HAHA, The Jerk seeped into my subconscience there.
I've developed an allergic reaction to music. "Bolero" by Ravel amkes me want to kill something. That's no joke last night my brother came in when I was listening to it and I started to choke him, but sood sense prevailed.
Good for you. Must've been tough not to do that early on. Patience is a virtue.
I have decided to eat my 12 year collection of toe nail clippings.
Hmmm, no idea what that means. Wouldn't bullish be more appropriate, though? Hey, that gives me an idea: if you're a bull, what are the rest of us? I figure all you Zodiac-nuts on this forum can have a field day with the "what animal am I?" question.
WOOF! I'm feeling wolfish!