The Shoutbox
Holden, you'd better watch yourself.
Word is you're getting hit by a bus on Friday morning...
S.B., since it's already Friday afternoon for you, can you tell me what the soup of the day is going to be? I'd like to know if I should pack a lunch.
and its pretty
its dusk here
It's a beautifully sunny Friday afternoon and I'm wonderously pleased to be spending it in good health among my MoFo friends, Spudly.

"Bright are the stars that shine, dark is the sky. I know this love of mine will never die."
Unregistered what do you say on this lovely evening???
'Tis some tremendous music, to be sure.
i love it too, i needed it for a project, making a video of the nagasaki and hiroshima bombings, using that music
Well, it still goes Bum-Bum-Bum-Bum.
I haven't seen Apocalypse Now.
I was just guessing. I love "O, Fortuna."
No, "O Fortuna" was not used in Apocalypse Now. Variations on it can be found in Conan the Barbarian, but not Coppola's flick.