The Shoutbox
Everything is goodly, then. Yay.
I is goodly.
You is goodly.
We is goodly too.
Yes, I thought that might've been the case. Teenage Christian homeschoolers are easy targets for intellectuals like Holden. Ah well.
I wasn't being blasphemous.
Hold's was taking a shot at you.

Ignore him. He's so funny that he doesn't warrant your concern.
Hello Silver Matt. I am good -- how are you? If you're good, then we are good.
Hello T. How are we?

I'm a poet. And I knew it.
And yeah, blasphemy is bad. Though I dunno that Silver was guilty of it. I didn't study the past shouts all that carefully, though.

10 PM here...and all's well.
Those quotes are getting kind of old...start a thread in the Games, Tabs & Lists forum for them or something.

Hockey women? Wha?
Has anyone noticed how attractive these hockey women are? DaaaammmnnnN!
I don't think I will ever answer a post that uses my name again... particularly if it's from Spuds
Oh please.
Be back shortly.