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Yeah I loved Duck You Sucker but man did Al Pacino copy Rod Steiger in Scarface. Great Flick thanks the widescreen crushal
Er, I meant "but", not "by".

I said butt.

I'll be back.

Tomorrow. Don't know when, but I will.

Bye all.
Well I'm not going to answer you here, so nanny-nanny boo-boo.

And I loved the bullet POV in la femme Nikita. It was a new little idea executed perfectly by Besson. It was very quickly overused and made irrelevant in inferior flicks (Sniper, Posse, Wild Bill, etc.), by that first time was a winner.
Did you watch Duck, You Sucker, L.B.? Whadidjya think about those great, grand, glorious heroes of the Revolution?
I just thought I'd do it here.
One of the worst shots in a film is the bullet POV in La Femme Nikita.
S.B. why not address that question in the Tarantino/Ritchie thread? Remember those things above the shoutbox, the f-o-r-u-m-s? That's what they're there for, Tex.
and Duck You Sucker
I thought it was good but not great just when that back head shot of Burt's does the 360 degree turn plus there were other touchs of his style in there too as well I wouldn't consider it to be in the same league as Once uopn a time in the west or the good the bad and the ugly,a fistful of dollars and for a few dolloars more but I still enjoyed it.
Now, Hold's Pulp Fiction.
Didn't really do it for you?