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Happy Valentine's Day everybody...hope love finds you all and gives you a big, fat, sloppy kiss on your cheeks!
I mean I'd like to see you say Who'd A Thunk It
Yeah, WE don't have the do.
You've already got an accent...

Career...well that's another story...
I'm off for a while.

Seeyou later.

Not Lenny!
I'm planning on it. First year out, I'm telling you -- USA! USA!

I want an accent and a career.

Can't go wrong with a quote from The Simpsons -- you just can't.

Sorry, Matt. I've bounced on and off the boards myself most of the day. You need to change your sleeping habits...or more to the U.S.
I get on, no one's here I come back, it's packed. I get here again, gone, vamoose!

That sucks!

[i]Send in the clowns. Those, laughy, daffy clowns..."
Anthony LaPaglia, a native Australian, was excellent in the critically acclaimed Aussie feautre Lantana, which is now making the art house circuit here in the States.
Oh, he's also 43 years old, and got married in 1998. Sorry.
The character's name was Tony, and the actor's name is Anthony LaPaglia. He has a role in the upcoming Road to Perdition, which is Tom Hanks' next flick.

As far as I can tell, he hasn't any really major roles as of late. He had some semi-noticable roles, I believe, in Empire Records as well as Autumn in New York. Still hasn't hit it big, though.