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love me, love me, say that you love me
fool me, fool me, come on and fool me
Shouting out to Toose...Hurry Up!!
Yeah yeah...

That's my luck...get really close to it, but not the actual quote...

Toose, itza fixed!!
SO close, Spud. Here's the actual exchange:

"I had a doll like that...but my cat, he bite his head off."
"What kinda cat would do that?"
"You calling me liar?!"

Funny stuff.
i figured that...was kinda rushing things
You spelled Whether wrong on your first page...
Disregard that one and go to this one...

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"I once had a doll and my cat it bite it's head off"

"Cat's don't do that"
Glad someone got it.

"You calling me liar?!"
Damn give him the easy ones...