The Shoutbox
I hate beer. Carlton Drought. Light Ice. Victoria Bitter. Melbourne Bitter. XXXX.
Pshaw. Alcohol. Stuff tastes bitter to me.
What about ones I can't get here...? Fosters is grand
Fosters, of course.
Any good Aussie brews SB?
Gentlemen, I need a beer.
That's still fun...
Checkmate in fifteen words.
You think you're so good. You know what you need? A dose of fish fingers....
No, only I can edit them. Mwahahahaha.
Sorry man. It was a good idea, though. I love JavaScript alert messages. I might be able to do something, though, where people can have a special "message" field, so that when you click on their avatar or something, it displays the message in the same form. Whatcha think? Don't wanna toss your fun completely out the window if I can help it here.