The Shoutbox
Alright, alright, you're right. Everyone keeps saying stuff like that. Think I should display the most recent shout on the forum main page or something, with a link to the rest?
It's not a very accessible thing, ya know. The only way to get here is through the drop-down menu that ISN'T on the main forum page.
LOL. Dang, not too many people using this lately. Oh well.
TWT endorses the spanking of children, millions revolt!!
every country has stupid ppl, way too many of them, i mean look at china (yes i am jk)
Well, I hate to start a potential fight with my frizziends, but I do think spanking children is a good thing. But yeah, we have a lot of morons in this country.
True, but in America it makes more sense. Land of the free, home of the stupid. HAHAHAHA

No offense, but there's a good majority of people out there with brains the size of walnuts, take reporters for example.
Only in America, my friend. Well, maybe Canada, too.
That's pretty much like hitting your kid and telling him not to hit. HAHAHA

I love the way America works.
NO! And there's no fighting in the war room, either.
hey! Are we allowed to SHOUT in the shoutbox

hmm :P