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The Shoutbox
u placed it well twt, much more accessable
I'm posting a shout, because Spud showed me how to get here; couldn't find it was like a BIG frippin' secret...but here I am now. Hi!
Ah, there we are: at the bottom of the mainpage, we've got the latest shout. It's a start, at least. If anyone has any ideas on how to help promote it a litlte more, please post them here. I dig The Shoutbox.
Alright, give me a day or two; I'll figure something out.
I would love to have a link to the Shoutbox at the top of every page. I think it's brilliant fun. The first day it was here I was using it all the time, as was everyone, but then I forget about it, as I couldn't be stuffed doing the procedure to get it.

It's a fun feature. I like it.
No, it's not part of the "Who's Online" thing...I tried to mess with the code to get it to show up there, but it's a little beyond me. Argh.
Whichever is the easiest way to get people here. There's no way you can tell which ones are actually in the Shoutbox at any given time is there?
Alright, alright, you're right. Everyone keeps saying stuff like that. Think I should display the most recent shout on the forum main page or something, with a link to the rest?
It's not a very accessible thing, ya know. The only way to get here is through the drop-down menu that ISN'T on the main forum page.
LOL. Dang, not too many people using this lately. Oh well.