The Shoutbox
That's the spirit: the less sense you make when you shout, the better. Including this shout, I've got 53 out of 231, which is 22.9%. Ouch.
Blip-blip-blip-blip-blip. This is my voice, on, a screeeeeeeen. I've made up nearly 1/4 of the total shouts in the Shoutbox. That's rather sad.
What he said.
Olly-Olly Oxin-Free!
I've been shouting for the hell of it.
Damn, The Shoutbox is disgustingly active today...and as of late. I guess putting the Latest Shout on the main page really did the trick, eh?
You seen "Shine"? What'd you think?
Right. I see.
I'm having FUUUUUUUN today. Geek fun...which consists of release a few hacks, and messing with a script's source code to great effect. Lots of fun today.
"I am so happy that I'm alive, in one piece and short. I'm in a world of *****, yes, but I'm alive. And I am not afraid." - Private Joker
About five people in two days [after I started conversations of A Clockwork Orange] have reccomended I see "Full Metal Jacket". I just thought I'd throw that into the void. I guess I should probably see it.