The Shoutbox
"If Jerry finds out I'm hooked on Rogers chicken, I'm back in there with teh red menace!"
"How long is this weekend anyways!?"
:: Kramer slides into the room and slams some cash on the counter ::

"I'm out!"
"Who will not wear the ribbon?"
"Is it just me or is that a lot of gum?"

"It's a lot of gum!"
"Jerry got one! Kramer got one! I thought we were good friends, I don't get a Christmas card, I don't get it."
"Oh yeah, diddlin' the maid. Very sophisticated."
"Beef-A-Reeno? You fed a horse Beef-A-Reeno?"

"well, I overbought."
I LOVE that line Holden. It's one of the best.

Actually, my last quote should be "Maybe I could be a color man." My bad.
"You know, I could be a color man. You know how I always make those interesting little comments during the game?"