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The Shoutbox

Just noticed it then!! Have a good one!!
Patti, honestly. It's not important. Check the gloassary under "T".

Spud and T will know. It's very stupid, don't worry about it.
sorry, but who is travis?
Hey guys. I'm at school just popping in to say that:

a) I'm at school. Again. Argh!
b) Travis is DEAD
am i visible?
Signs teaser wasn't in Black...YAY...

Best commercial so far...Bud Lite "Mini Fridge"
The Signs teaser was okay. Better than the Spider-Man teaser in terms of new stuff.
GO PACKERS!!.....UHMMM...AHEM....nevermind.
I feel so ripped off. So violated. That sucked. Well, it didn't suck -- all the Spider-Man stuff is cool, but it wasn't, like you said, really anything new. Crap.