The Shoutbox
He wants to get rid of us Sadie, wonder what he's hiding.
We're going to the 4:30 showing instead of the 4:15 showing. LOTR again. I'm waiting for the rest of the gang to haul a** here. I'm just cargo.
Hey! T told me he was going to the movies, too...
Goodie...he made it!
I thought you were going to the movies! You were trying to get rid of me T!
Check it out ---> Added smilies. Yay.
Well I have a fine art degree... I think I could figure it out...
Yeah, and you could offer sound financial planning, too. Ah, this is what The Shoutbox is all about.
How good are you at painting toe nails?
A tutoring, pool cleaning, massage therapist... yeah it could work...