The Shoutbox
Sadie, milady, nothing is cooler than geek on the shoutbox. Well, maybe something...
In Database SQL is king.
Like it? I love it! It makes me laugh...
Yep, geeking it up. You know you like it.
Oh, SQL? I'd assumed it was something else. In online programming, SQL, while important, is a minority in terms of code. Most of the code decides what to do with the data. Ah, I'm glad I'm not a DBA. I'm not nuts about all those queries. I'd much rather spend time on string handling and such. Ahhhh, fun stuff.
Geek Speak! Someone alert the moderator, there's Geek Speak on the feels so uncool...wait! The moderator is one of the Geeks doing the Speaking! AGH!
SQL... with hizzella interdependent calc fields...bottle of advil later I have survived!
What language was it?
After my 16 hours of work yesterday I passed 34000 lines of code with no errors through my system... I am a geek god!
Yeah, Spud got the smack-down, but he tagged me in and I gave 'em hell. Some bitter old church lady (they give us a bad name at times) can't take constructive criticism.
I'm here all you lucky people...and it's only 6:25 in th am for me! I woke up and couldn't go back to I'm gonna MoFo...