The Shoutbox
Cause, I'm pretty much "in the darK" about what's going on. I only know that we were gonna meet at Pizza Hut, don't know what time, nothin....pissed me off, and I'm not about to drive 15 minutes for something I'm not sure about
What happened, Mr. Woods?
It could still happen...the chance of it though is getting slimmer and slimmer...
Hey Spud, thought you were going out tonight.
At least it's still working....sorta
Yeah. My computer went kablam. Not literally blew up. But yeah. So I went to watch 'Dr. Strangelove" again. While I was away my stupid f-head brothers changed every setting on this computer that they possibly could. ARGH!
Argh, the game failed to come together again. Something always goes wrong, it seems. Maybe it's a sign.

Anyway, I'm in a mildly grumpy mood. Frogman's talking smack about Bush, without anything to back it up whatsoever. Very frustrating...talks awfully tough considering he's yet to make a solid point.
Chris, I'm at table 38. Where is you gone?
And, Sade's grill me for even mentioning it, for filmmakers too. I'm hoping to go to film school in America first year out of high school.
I might see it again, too. Though I hear that in February they're likely to attach a trailer for "The Two Towers" onto the end of it. If they do, you can bet I'll try and see it again.

Yep, you need to come to America, my friend. The only place for a movie fan to be.