The Shoutbox
I had a guy give me the "blue screen" one time cause I pissed him off. I didn't think it was funny...

The clues are right in front of you pretty much, look at one post of ours, then look at another completley different post in a completley different thread...

I just told you basically what IT is...

You write words such as "realise" and "recognise" and "authorise" with Z's?

I'd trace your IP's and you'd get a dose of me. Then we'd see.

Of course that was the emptiest threat I've ever made.
No idea.
I need more clues.
This is so unfair.
I could give you our IP's and you would know for sure that we're not the same person, but I don't think i'm going to.

Besides, Chris is much better in debates than I...
You so are.
Can you give me a minute to check?

Retarded peanut eating peices of fu...
I're not the same person
Yes...and you probably see it all the time, but don't pay attention..
TWT and Spud are the same person....?