The Shoutbox
what time you got there silver?
I hated that movie. If I hear "Chicka may, pay" one more time, I'm gonna go on a rampage.
jodie foster movie "nell".....had her own language.....raised alone with no humans to teach her how to talk....she had her own style.
Nell of the.....WHAT?!
have you met Nell of the woods?
I am shocked an appalled. Not really.
static......i energy wave or if i felt your presence but minimized it's worth.....just joking around ofcourse.
Nors doos me sense make much anymore. I did have sense. But lost it, me did. True.
not that i make sense necessarily silver........
That was lost on me, I'm afraid. Much like the werewolf thinkg. I can't believe I didn't know that.
closer? oh that was you silver? i thought it was static.