The Shoutbox
Well. I hope you all have a nice day tomorrow/today/yesterday whenever it is. I'll be looking forward to catching up with you all when you're all awake in the shoutbox on the weekend and such. Always a pleasure. Have a good one.
Of God, dear Shoutbox. How I've missed you....
He didn't come up with it, everyone's called him Dubya for ages and ages and ages. Time magazine, comics strips all sorts of stuff. They've called him Dubya since he was elected. You didn't know this?
Dubya. I like that, T.
Bush's speech is a little boring, but good. Dubya's the man.
Argh. High-maintenance.
I'm gonna go pout. Goodnight.
Yeah! Are you ready yet?!
Like play checkers?
Okay...okay...this is really painting some crazy pictures for me...I need to go do something innocent.
Oh, it's okay. They all would've found out soon enough.