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The Shoutbox
You could have said that.

What's URL again. I'll come and say Hi.
Then I'll leave.

I meant MY forums
No you're not.
I is still here.
Check out the forums now...i'm talking to myself...
HAHA....Jerry's new obsession with shaving his chest...
The Muffin Tops

"He fixes problems."
I like the Frogger episode....

As well as the Kenny Roger's Roasters episode
I love the Puerto Rican Day one, the second to last episode ever. It's pure gold.
Actually, there's a thread about this I started...nobody took part in it hardly though...
How dare you ask me to choose. This is the equivalent of Sophie's Choice, you inhuman monster.

Aw, hell with it. Probably the one about "Jimmy" -- when Kramer sings at the end, I bust up.
What's your favorite Seinfeld episode?