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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have won the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay....hell to the yeah HUZZAH !!!
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Call me when they have New Coke with Sanka.
Going from bad to worse.
Call me when they have New Coke with Sanka.
That reminds me: Coca Cola with Dark Blend coffee is...well, it has filled that hole in my soul. Chalk down another win for capitalism because I never knew I needed this till they told me.
If you or anyone you know is the person that buys the "mixed berry" or "tropical" versions of fruit candy, there is help. You just have to take the first step towards recovery.
Just listened to a story about people who got back into playing WoW so they could become a dragon and offer rides at spawn points to new players only to proceed to drop them of in volcanoes or varying danger zones.
I remember when this used to be my resident drunkbox. Back when autocorrect wouldnt compensate for drunkness. Those were some funny shouts.
I find the stories of parking in a space shoveled out by someone else very entertaining.
I would have loved to have been buried in snow rn tho
Driving home this morning was fun. Got close to no visibility.

Wake up and not a sign of snow anywhere.
Oh, thats cold 🥶