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ha! reading about how the Cybertrunk is wired is all the proof you need of Elmo's "genius"
I watched 13 musicals in the last 6 days.
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can't find a good one, eh?

They are all good!
(well, most of them)
can't find a good one, eh?

Watching my 3rd musical of the day!
And you know I'm here to stay cause me
If I was to ever take a leave
It would be aspirin to break a feve
Every time Peter Bogdanovic is interviewed, he has to mention and let the viewers know he was an intimate of Orson Welles
Iím íbout to reach in my bag, bruh
Just like that and Iím back, bruh
we got the spirit, yes we do!
we got the spirit, how 'bout YOU?!
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Itís really annoying that he keeps essentially remixing and sampling himself.
you mean, itís really awesome.