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It was really nice to see Pompey Magnus play the good doctor. I lol'd when the Last Starfighter slipped on a pool of blood, knocking himself unconscious. And it's tragic how Nancy's teacher lost everything to end up as a broke landlord forcing sexual favors in Lieu of rent, later in life from her handicapped tenants.
Thankfully, my HOA is only there for playground, tennis and swimming pool maintenance. It keeps drama to a minimum.
Agree 100%
Whenever I hear stories about HOAs I think Id rather look at eyesores than bend the knee
Premier retail space. Guaranteed to have your copy of Frampton Comes Alive!
Originally Posted by John McClane
Self-storage units suck.
This is what a garage is for. Certainly not for, like, cars.
Self-storage units suck.
Im excited!
Season 2 of Avenue 5 premieres tomorrow on HBO and (I'm assuming) HBOMax.
Almost every review I tagged today was horror - it's that time of year!