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It's really weird how many people have opinions about this despite having, presumably, zero knowledge of what the contract says or what everyone agreed to.
It wasn't that long ago that when people tried to stand up for themselves, we would applaud them. Now... we mostly disparage them. Progress.
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Johansson be wildin’ out again
Eh, can't be mad about less money going to Disney.
Johansson be wildin’ out again
“Never forget, the mighty oak was once a little nut who held its ground.”
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I am a Flippy. Walrus tooth and all. You can't prove it, but that's ok. k? So like as I was sayin'... wtf am texting??!
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Just wondering, what are the chances there might be diaper disasters if your two year old accidentally eats 75 peaches? Asking for a friend.

Ha ha haaaaaaa!
*Asks to work overnight*
Sounds like you your friend might have a fun couple of days playing Russian Poolette ahead