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So this week is the first time Iíve ever had Pedialyte. This shit is banging. Iím gonna have to keep some in the house at all times after this mess.
Still awake, and I had to suffer through that? Why did I ever think that movie was cool? What were they putting in the water?
Iím going to watch The Postman. If that doesnít put me back to sleep I donít know what will.
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Holden Ford couldnít even save that Matrix movie.
As much as I rag on it I quite enjoy it. It did confirm how philosophically vapid the trilogy was, but I greatly appreciated what they did with Smith. He was the cornerstone of that movie.
How in the world did Bourdain do all that jujitsu without getting cauliflower ear?

And a quick dip into the internet shows he admitted getting reconstructive ear surgery.
Holden Ford couldnít even save that Matrix movie.
And I second the 90 minute movie. Time is money, and I got bills to pay!
I wouldnít have minded the runtime if they had used Rami more. One of the best villains of late but he was crippled by bad story writing.
Yeah, with what was actually going on story wise, the run time was about 45 minutes too long. It is time to bring back the 90 minute movie. I don't want to sit for an extra hour for an ending I could see coming 5 minutes in.
Yeah, that new Bond movie is better than a couple of Benadryl.