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Would you survive a horror movie?
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Cool tests!

I never made it either.It is better to die in that kind of movie then be scared to death the whole time!Inlest to me.That way you are peaceful and all.
and he can't find you.Let it fast and...
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So who won the debate?
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Good question!

I would love to say bush but that would not be fair.After all the first debate goes to Kerry however in the second debate I think bush did a better job and last time I checked he is on the top of the...
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How does One stop being lazy?
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
I have one word to say.

Well actly three!GET UP AND GET A JOB!Ok more then three words anyway I think it answears the question.But there are some day that all of us are alittle lazy and I think there is nothering wrong with...
Forum: Movie Reviews 10-13-04
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Favorite crappy movies from the olden days
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Good idea for a thread.

Ok I like a movie called (drums rolls)"SuperMario Brothers" sure it is a crappy movie but I thought it was still good.I had no promblem with it.Sure the acting is bad and special effects are....well...
Forum: General Movie Discussion 10-13-04
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Your First Rated Adult Movie
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
As long as my parents don't know I see alot of...

As long as my parents don't know I see alot of rated R movies at my friend's house.
I can't wait till my boyfriend is eighteen then me and him can go watch it together!Anyway my first movie was by...
Forum: Movie Reviews 04-10-04
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Hellboy Best Marvel Yet?
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
I heard from a friend that this movie sucked big time.

But then again I always hear that kind of stuf about movies and not being a fan of movies that are made from comic books. Well excert for Batman!
I will have to say that I don't plan to see this...
Forum: General Movie Discussion 04-10-04
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Best Alfred Hitchcock Film
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Ok my favorite are as follow!

"Vitgo" and "The Rope" and "Dancing with strangers"
"Stranger on the Train" the Norman Bates movie. and I think that is it.
The other ones scare me too much oh and the birds were so funny....
Forum: Movie Reviews 04-06-04
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Matrix Revolutions
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
God help us if they do make a Fouth Matricks!

Ok I am off to go buy the tape see you guys later!
Malfoy :cool: ;) :D :)
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Best Comedies Ever?
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
This is easy I have so many!

Ok there is Princess Bride the Great Race and acouse a classic favorite "Its a mad mad mad world!"
Uh there is more I can't think of one right now!Oh yea Space Balls and Man in tights!
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3 fav. movies with eddie murphy.
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Here are my list of Eddy Murfy.

Show time was a great movie!
And I can't think of another movie through right now, that wil have to do I guess for now!
See you around!JM :cool: ;) :p :D :)
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Matrix Revolutions
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
My gosh I can't belive it is tuesday aready.

Yea it is tuesday I almost forgot I have to go and get me a copy I had not seen it yet. No worrys I did not read your thread.
Anyway my friend told me the ending and I almost killed her but I...
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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Too bad Disney is making it.

Disney seen to always rid that kind of movie. Anyway I can't wait for Christmas when it comes out.
I hope the acting is great and the plot is the same, i have a feeling because Disney is making...
Forum: Movie Reviews 03-31-04
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Coffee and Cigarettes
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Sounds like my mom's life!

:) Sounds like my mom's life!All she doe is smoke and drink coffee!If they ever want to make a plot they should have her in this movie!
Anyway on topic I would say this movie sounds interesting...
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How many times have you seen Gladiator!
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
I watch it so many times I should know better!

I watched it about six times aready!I like it alot but since it is really bloodly I don't watch and eat or I would barf!
Crow was made for this part and I was crying so hard at the end of the...
Forum: General Movie Discussion 03-30-04
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The Great Race!
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
The Great Race!

I really think this is the best movie out there!It is so funny!Anyone know what year this came out?I thought maybe in the fifthys or sixtys because of there beginning.
But then again it might...
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Rate The Movie Poster Battle
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Uh let's see I did not see this movie but I would give it.

:) :) To me this poster does not seen to be that great to look at. It looks normal and kind of boring and somehow a typal Jim Cery poster.
So two smiles is all it is geting to me!
See you...
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Super Mario Brothers: a flop or a good movie?
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Did any of you notes that.....................................

I can understand you guys thinking it was bad and that it sucked but after watching it a couple of times that is when I starting liking it.
Maybe I am abit strange or something?(You guys don't...
Forum: General Movie Discussion 03-23-04
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Most Memorable Character(s)?(Good Or Bad)
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Ok here are my favorites!

Dr Evil!You got to love to hate him!Jafar(From Aldain!) and
Dennis Hopper (Supermario brothers and Speed!)and Lisa(Girl Interupted)
And so far that is it!See you around!JM :cool: ;) :p :D ...
Forum: General Movie Discussion 03-23-04
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Battle Of Movie Trailers
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Uh I watched both trailers and I think!

That I like the one titled "Van Helsing" the best!I also like the poster front!Even through I don't think I would see it!
The other one did not look really good maybe it is the picture don't know...
Forum: Upcoming Movies & Sequels 03-22-04
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walking tall movie trailer
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
I did not reallly think it was a good trailer at all.

First of all I am not a fan of the rock so seeing him in another movie normanly makes me do this! :rolleyes:
But anyway if you are going to see the movie when it comes out I hope you like it!...
Forum: General Movie Discussion 03-22-04
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Super Mario Brothers: a flop or a good movie?
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
"SuperMario Brothers"A Flop or a good movie?

The movie which came out on my birthday I thought was pretty good. So I was wondering how you guys thought of this movie!
Do you think it sucked or were you ok with it?
See you around!JM...
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Best deleted scenes you can't believe got deleted
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Let's see there are a couple!

Don't know if these consider reallly delated screnes but anything that is on the dvd for the lord of the rings including the extra scenes were wonderful!
It is a shame that they took it off!They...
Forum: Movie Reviews 03-21-04
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Dawn of the Dead
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Yuck I saw the newspaper on this!

:eek: I saw a part in the newspaper about this movie and it looked gross. This guy was all painted up to look dead and it was frighten!Since I get scared easly I dont plan to watch this movie I hate...
Forum: General Movie Discussion 03-21-04
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Best Movie Made From A Book
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Let's see there are only two movies that are better then the books!

The two movies are "The Godfather" I did not like the book at all too many swores!
"Princess Bride" man don't read the book it sucked big time!Watch the movie instead much better!
And that is...
Forum: General Movie Discussion 03-20-04
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Most annoying theme song
Posted By Jackie Malfoy
Ok here is a thream song I can't stand,

Well I think it is a thream song?Anyway "We will we will rock you!Bugs the hell out of me!It does not even fit the movie "The first Knight" it takes place along time ago and they have a modern song...