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Forum: Movie Questions 04-23-21
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Unanswered:  Girl Injured from Falling Off a Fence
Posted By Ltmajordude
Girl Injured from Falling Off a Fence

Okay, here's what I remember seeing:
A girl, most likely a little girl, was hanging on to a metal picket fence. The next camera shot showed her falling to the grass, her eyes closing as she landed,...
Forum: Movie Questions 11-23-20
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Unanswered:  Spanish Movie: Girl is hospitalized from falling from a gate/fence
Posted By Ltmajordude
Spanish Movie: Girl is hospitalized from falling from a gate/fence

Sometime between 1995 to 2010 (if I was forced to pick a time frame), I saw this ad on a Spanish language channel (I forgot the name).

The advertisement's setting was daytime, it was set outside....
Forum: Movie Questions 11-17-20
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Unanswered:  Deceased Bikini Victim Scene
Posted By Ltmajordude
Deceased Bikini Victim Scene

The scene showed a deceased girl lying on top of a bed.
She looked like she was about a teenager or maybe younger or older?
She had white skin, had yellowish? hair, and was wearing a bikini.
Forum: Movie Questions 07-03-20
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Unanswered:  Deceased Japanese Schoolgirl
Posted By Ltmajordude
Deceased Japanese Schoolgirl

I remember seeing this on TV at someone's house when I was a kid (around the 1990s).

A crime scene is happening, focusing on the victim: a dead Japanese girl (either a little girl or a teenager)....
Forum: Movie Questions 03-15-20
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Unanswered:  Asian Fantasy Action Movie
Posted By Ltmajordude
Asian Fantasy Action Movie

When I was little, I saw parts of this movie that was showing on this channel. I forgot the channel name. As for the time frame, well I saw this when I was little (don't remember the exact age) so I...