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Forum: General Movie Discussion 04-04-14
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Movies That Are Underrated.....
Posted By Wregsy42
Re: Movies That Are Underrated.....

Quite a few already mentioned, Unbreakable, Excalibur, Dark City, 3 of my all time favourites.
Going to add Eden Lake - Michael Fassbender one, film is quite unsettling.
Watchmen for me was...
Forum: Upcoming Movies & Sequels 03-26-14
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Captain America: Winter Soldier
Posted By Wregsy42
Re: Captain America: Winter Soldier

Looking forward to this, trailers have been amazing without revealing the whole story like some. I enjoyed the 1st Capt. America, was a pretty accurate version of the Capt America origin story, & a...
Forum: Upcoming Movies & Sequels 03-26-14
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X-Men: Days of Future Past
Posted By Wregsy42
Re: Days Of Future Past. The Sequel To X-Men First Class

Definitely looking forward to this film, especially with Singer back on board, X3 seriously made a mess of the Phoenix story-line, DoFP seems from the trailers to be trying to stick to the comic...
Forum: General Movie Discussion 03-25-14
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Your Favorite Movie Effects
Posted By Wregsy42
Not allowed to post the link to the poster yet as...

Not allowed to post the link to the poster yet as this is my 1st post!

Dark City brilliant bit of sci-fi with great effects. Also one of my favourites is Dune, think the effects in the film are...