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Weapons theme
Posted By Agata01
Re: Weapons theme

I have a positive attitude to the fact that in many countries it is allowed to carry a gun. The main thing that you should properly carry it and use it. I carry a gun for my own safety in a high...
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Solar panels
Posted By Agata01
Re: Solar panels

I live in Maine. And it's not a bad state for solar power at There's always enough sunshine to cover your basic energy needs. Or at least reduce...
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Do you like to travel?
Posted By Agata01
Do you like to travel?

I am very. Of course, the possibilities are pretty limited right now because of the pandemic. And I'm waiting for it to finally be over. And I can fly somewhere. Where would you like to go?
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I'm Buying A House!
Posted By Agata01
Re: I'm Buying A House!

We are pleased that you shared this with us. Congratulations to you! In the meantime, I bought an intercom. Lol. Since I live in a high-rise and it's insanely annoying to constantly have to go...
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Posted By Agata01

I love cartoons.
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Posted By Agata01
Re: Vacations

At home under the blanket. The best place for a long-awaited vacation!
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Rate your last drink
Posted By Agata01
Re: Rate your last drink

Beer. And more beer. I only drink this drink of GODs.
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Posted By Agata01

I'm bored.
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What are you doing at this very moment?
Posted By Agata01
Re: What are you doing at this very moment?

Chatting with you guys and eating pizza.
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Are YOU Frugal?
Posted By Agata01
Re: Are YOU Frugal?

I'm not frugal at all. I spend money quickly and I don't know what for. It's a terrible quality in me.
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Posted By Agata01
Re: Pets

I keep a piggy. Mini Pig to be exact. The pink piece of meat eats my wallpaper every single day... LOL
Forum: Movie Questions 10-18-21
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Important: How to Ask For Help
Posted By Agata01
Re: How to Ask For Help

Thanks for the explanation.
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help disney buy warner
Posted By Agata01
Re: help disney buy warner

Would that help?
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Union may shut down Hollywood production
Posted By Agata01
Re: Union may shut down Hollywood production

It's horrible... How did they ever come to this?
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What is your favorite YouTube video?
Posted By Agata01
I've noticed on YouTube that I've been hooked on...

I've noticed on YouTube that I've been hooked on various animated video production lately on ( Even if they are commercials all the same. In the time of...