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NedStark09 05-23-19 12:56 PM

80 Favorite Movie Theme Songs
Since doing one for TV shows thought do a movie one as well. Expect these to go fast like the tv intro/Theme song one. I no more tv theme songs so 80 might be somewhat of a challenge. Cartoon films will count for songs. Expect a mix of score track songs and singing ones

80 Never Had A Friend Like Me----Aladdin

79 Time Of My Life-----Dirty Dancing

NedStark09 05-23-19 05:46 PM

78 James Bond Theme

NedStark09 05-23-19 05:57 PM

77 Into The West-----LOTR---Return Of The King

NedStark09 05-23-19 11:23 PM

76 Take My Breath Away---- Top Gun

NedStark09 05-24-19 10:37 AM

75 Avengers Theme-----The Avengers

NedStark09 05-24-19 10:46 AM

74 Hell Fire-----Hunch Back Of Notra Dom

Its not quite the main song for the movie in theory but disney animated have lots of good songs. This one is one a recall best from this movie.

NedStark09 05-25-19 05:49 AM

73 Spoon Full Of Sugar----- Mary Poppins

NedStark09 05-25-19 05:54 AM

72 Gremlins Theme

NedStark09 05-25-19 09:05 PM

71 Wild Thing---Major League

NedStark09 05-25-19 09:10 PM

70 The Wave----Angels In The Outfield

NedStark09 05-25-19 09:17 PM

69 Taking Over The World-----Space InVaders

NedStark09 05-27-19 03:41 AM

68 Original Spider-Man Film Theme Intro

NedStark09 05-28-19 04:44 AM

67 Crocodile Dundee Music Theme

nebbit 05-28-19 06:50 AM

Re: 80 Favorite Movie Theme Songs
Nice start :yup:

NedStark09 05-28-19 06:25 PM

66 North To Alaska---North To Alaska--Johnny Horton

NedStark09 05-28-19 06:56 PM

65 Colors Of The Wind-----Pocohantas

gbgoodies 05-29-19 12:39 AM

Originally Posted by NedStark09 (Post 2014717)
66 North To Alaska---North To Alaska--Johnny Horton

I've never seen the movie North To Alaska, but I love the song.

gbgoodies 05-29-19 12:49 AM

Originally Posted by NedStark09 (Post 2014722)
65 Colors Of The Wind-----Pocohantas

I haven't seen the movie Pocahontas, so I never heard the original version of this song until now, but I love Michael Crawford's version of "Colors Of The Wind".

NedStark09 05-29-19 11:33 AM

64 Austin Powers Theme Song

Actually not huge fan of the style of humor of the Powers films but the theme is for me more memerable the the films really and his catch fraise yeah baby yeah.

NedStark09 05-30-19 11:28 PM

63 All Star------Shrek

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