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The Rodent 11-05-12 02:37 AM

Independence Day... 3D
Coming July 3rd 2013...

... there's been rumours about a sequel for yonks and possibly another two sequels even... but it seems that Hollywood is saving a bit of cash by 3D-ing all the oldies...

... any thoughts?

TylerDurden99 11-05-12 03:04 AM

Re: Independence Day... 3D
Good movie, but I'm not a fan of 3D, so I'll probably give this one a miss.

The Rodent 11-05-12 03:56 AM

Re: Independence Day... 3D
To be honest I thought the studios would have learned by the abysmal Star Wars Episode I 3D failure.

Looks like 3D is dying out slowly, like I said it would, but still has a couple of years left in it to dupe the movie going populous.

Nausicaš 11-05-12 01:15 PM

Re: Independence Day... 3D
Pass... not spending extra money at the cinema to see an older film just because it's now in 3D.

Looks like 3D is dying out slowly
I hope you are right.

rauldc14 11-08-12 02:32 PM

Re: Independence Day... 3D
i would prob enjoy a sequel. dont care about 3d though

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