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RvanDijk 09-14-21 07:24 PM

Action comedy
Thanks in advance, all. First post. I canít seem to remember the movie. I think itís Ď80s or Ď90s. Action comedy, Iíd say. One of the characters is a gang leader. Rockstar type, always shouting, you can barely make up what he is saying. Long hair, usually starts or ends a scene just roaring something.

OHForums 09-14-21 10:38 PM

Re: Action comedy

RvanDijk 09-17-21 02:11 AM

Thanks, not the right movie

OHForums 09-17-21 03:15 AM

Re: Action comedy
Can you remember the main plot of the movie - trying to get a girl; running from the law; etc?

RvanDijk 09-17-21 04:44 AM

Got it. Horrible description I gave. It was Police Academy. The bad guy was Bobcat Goldwaith. He was literally the only part I could remember about the movie.

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