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TheUsualSuspect 08-27-05 06:31 PM

Rate The Last Movie You Saw
Basically, whether in the theatre, or some old movie that you rented or saw on TV, if you've seen it lately, post it here.


Broken Flowers 8/10

Misirlou 08-27-05 06:34 PM

Isn't this a lot like the Movie Tab thread, oh well who cares

Remember the Titans = C+
The Rocky Horror Picture Show = A-
A Walk To Remember = B

Strummer521 08-27-05 06:34 PM

This is done already in Movie Tab II. Also, you spelled last wrong.

TheUsualSuspect 08-27-05 06:36 PM

it won't let me delete it, sorry guys.

kinukinu 08-05-06 09:07 PM

Cube - 8.5 / 10 - Even though I watched it in french.

EvilKlown 08-08-06 03:22 AM

benchwarmers - 5.5
final destination 3 - 8

JustAnotherUsher 08-09-06 02:19 AM

Descent - B
Pirates 2 - B+
Who framed Rodger Rabbit - A Freaking +!

JBriscoe 08-09-06 12:38 PM

Takashi Miike's "Audition" - 9/10

Provocative and eerie...slow but steady to the climax ending which will knock your socks off

KnicksRIP 08-09-06 03:37 PM

Running Scared - 7/10
Doom - 4/10
Clerks II - 8/10
Pirates 2 - 7/10
Superman Returns - 8/10

JibberJord 08-09-06 04:43 PM

the lake house-9/10
clerks 2-9/10
pirates 2-8/10
the break up-7 and a half/10
you me and dupree-7/10

kinukinu 08-09-06 11:05 PM

before sunrise - 8/10
before sunset - 7 /10
the royal tenenbaums - 6/10
punch drunk love - 7/10

TheUsualSuspect 08-10-06 12:30 AM

LOL, why are people brining this thread up again?

JustAnotherUsher 08-10-06 01:16 AM

Just watched World Trade Center tonight. It is honestly the only movie that I cried through.

Multiple times.

When you watch this move (Since its a must) if you dont get teary-eyed, your heartless. I understand that most wont watch it because its a very disturbing and controversal topic, but it shows more in depth of what the police officers and their families went through. There are 2 scenes in the movie that in my opinion Need To Be Taken Out! I will explaine further in PM's, no need to spoil.

All in All, i give the movie a 8 out of 10

blibblobblib 08-10-06 12:18 PM

Very clever Loner. Very clever indeed. I can't remember any Lat movies that ive seen :(

Loner 08-10-06 12:54 PM

Originally Posted by blibblobblib
Very clever Loner. Very clever indeed. I can't remember any Lat movies that ive seen :(
I deleted my post because someone corrected the title of the thread.

My lame lat joke doesn't make any sense anymore.

b-line 08-10-06 06:48 PM

talladega nights A-

Ash_Lee 08-10-06 07:52 PM

Back to the Future: Part II


Starts off a mess, but get's better once we leave the future scenes (I'm aware that Bob's Gale and Zemeckis were taking the p*ss with these scenes, but the editting seemed pretty sloppy at times and it really wasn't much fun). Even then it never reaches the same level of enjoyment as the first (or even the third).

You can tell Robert Zemeckis hadn't committed himself as fully to this film as he should've done, something he's since admitted.'s still alright and always gets me in the mood to watch Part III.

jasco 08-10-06 08:18 PM

miami ****e
just been to see miami vice and it was the biggest crock of **** i've ever seen. avoid it like the plague.
colin farrel can't act, jamie foxx slept through the whole film (at least thats what it felt like) and the script? lets just say even the nicest thing to write would be banned for fowl language.:mad:

blibblobblib 08-11-06 07:57 AM

Originally Posted by Loner
I deleted my post because someone corrected the title of the thread.

My lame lat joke doesn't make any sense anymore.
This is a shame.

NapalmInTheMorning 08-12-06 01:52 AM

21 Grams - 9/10

yulisie 08-12-06 10:56 AM

I managed to get a copy of scary movie 4 uncut dvd pretty early, i'd give the movie 5 out of 5 i really liked all of the scary movies but they did an exceptionally funny job on the new one. The extras on the dvd are great too.

Ashlee-Kate 08-12-06 11:32 AM

the fog - 3/10
final destination 3 - 10/10

B-card 08-12-06 11:59 AM

Silent Hill-9/10

kinukinu 08-13-06 10:40 PM

Fight club - 8/10

kinukinu 08-14-06 10:04 PM

Requiem For A Dream - 8.5/10 Great movie but I dont wanna watch it twice....

VeronicaJ 08-16-06 05:52 AM

Tombstone (this morning) 7.5/10 Love val kilmer in this one

nebbit 08-16-06 08:21 AM 7/10 :D

NoirMan 08-16-06 11:31 AM

Man, Limbo by Thomas Ikimi gets a 9 out of 10 for me. Amazing thriller psychological film. Not many know about it but trust me, it's an underground classic you need to get. You can buy or rent the movie from the official site. TRUST ME, HUGE RECOMMENDATION. The site is

diamondgeeza 08-19-06 05:45 PM 9/10

JibberJord 08-19-06 05:49 PM

world trade center- 10/10

VeronicaJ 08-19-06 06:14 PM

Quentin Tarentino's CSI Special
10.5/10 (hehe)
No serious, it really made my eyes tears, and it was my second time (first time i didnt have any tears) yeah im emotional

kinukinu 08-22-06 03:47 AM

Little miss sunshine - 7.5/10

kinukinu 08-24-06 02:35 AM

In her shoes - 5/10 TOO feminine

Britbrat19 08-24-06 07:09 PM

pirates 2- A
maimi vice- c+

Poppit 08-25-06 10:28 PM

The Illusionist-7/10(very good)

aelmeox 08-26-06 12:35 AM

jay and silent bob strike back

thegraduate 08-29-06 03:22 PM

Here are the films I have watched in the last like 4 or 5 days.

The Seventh Seal 10/10!
Absolutely brilliant movie! The only Bergman I have seen and I can wait to see more!

Match Point 10/10!
I loved this film. Best of 2005, easily! Highly recomended.

Vertigo 10/10
This was just amazing! One of Hitchcocks best.

Russian Ark 10/10
This was breathtaking! One of the most beautiful films I have ever.

David Cronenberg's The Fly 9/10
I love Cronenberg and this is his second worst, but still great.

Inside Man 9/10!
I love this film, freakin' love it!!!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail 9/10
I LOVE this movie. The ending is soo good.

The Man Who New Too Much 9/10
Loved this film and the ending made me so happy. This is the worst Hitchcock I have seen so far(I think) and it's still a nine!

Yi Yi 10/10
This is without a doubt the best film of the decade. I enjoyed every moment of it. I loved the kid that plays Yang-Yang(Jonathan Chang) and everyone else was good, but Yang-Yang was just unbelievable! Great shots throughout the film, I loved how he used the mirror so much. What I like the most though is that it has humor, sensitivity, and emotion, thats what I want in my films!! The ending of the movie is sad, but also happy in a way one of the best endings ever also one of the best films ever.

cmitchell 08-30-06 02:46 PM

Just saw Slither - it's a great hommage to sci-fi/horror movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Night of the Living Dead. In the context of those types of movies I'd give it a 9/10.

thegraduate 08-30-06 04:41 PM

Au hasard Balthazar 10/10

Simply, a wonderful film! This is an incredibly beautiful and touching movie!

Jae 08-30-06 06:09 PM

Just saw the Mask on TV. I swear that movie never gets old. 8/10

diamondgeeza 08-30-06 06:17 PM
I was quite looking forward to this, What a load of rubbish it turned out to be. 5/10

r3port3r66 08-30-06 07:43 PM

"Snakes on a Plane": To the pop culture set-9/10---
to those that have no idea what the in-joke is about: 4/10

Infinite Iteration 08-30-06 08:51 PM

Last Life in the Universe - Beautifully shot (what else can you expect with Christopher Doyle behind the camera?) Thai/Japanese production that pays homage to Wong Kar-Wai and Takeshi Kitano, though the sharpness of emotional insight characteristic of both of those filmmakers is not quite as developed as it could be.


fionalin7 08-30-06 11:58 PM

the illusionist

the illusionist will twist and turn in even more gaspworthy ways before the credits roll. yet it never winks at its modern audience. With so much style, such pretty people, and such cool tricks (look out for the orange tree!), the illusionist delivers more than you’d expect from a typical summer movie.

VeronicaJ 08-31-06 12:11 PM

Hannibal 9/10 damned genious he is

AmyLovesYou 08-31-06 07:08 PM

Talladega Nights- 7.5

diamondgeeza 09-01-06 07:14 AM
Caught it on telly the other night, I'd forgotten how good it is 9/10

m0dern_pr0phet 09-01-06 10:15 AM

Snakes on a plane 6/10. Too stupid for my liking, even with all the internet shenanigans.

Equilibrium 09-01-06 12:02 PM

Can someone explain to me what the in-joke with snakes on a plane is??

kinukinu 09-02-06 06:23 AM

The illusionist - 6/10 Acting was good but story was.....

VeronicaJ 09-02-06 01:19 PM

Hook - 8/10 still made me cry after all those years

B-card 09-03-06 05:44 PM

Randal Graves 09-03-06 06:05 PM

i liked Snakes on a Plane :(

last movie i saw was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...funny as hell...10/10

thegraduate 09-05-06 10:04 AM

Eraserhead 10/10
The craziest film I have ever seen! David Lynch is a genius! I don't care if you love him or hate him, you can't take away that fact. This is the most original film ever created. This is a film that you will never forget, either because you hate it so much or because you are stunned by the genius that this film is. You never know what's going to happen next. Brilliant and beautiful and horrifying. This was a spectacular movie experience!

Spirited Away 10/10!

This is a masterpiece! Easily top five of the 00's.

AmyLovesYou 09-05-06 11:24 AM

Recently I watched Nanny McPhee with my nephew. I liked it. I thought Emma Thompson was great in it. I liked how bad they made her look, but by the end she was normal. However I don't no how kids would really understand why her appreance changed.

Opie Wayne 09-05-06 02:31 PM

Holy Crap
the last movie i saw was was the wicker-man...a movie that i routinely wish i was dead through.

However the movie that i saw before that was crank which saw to my need for violence. and the story wasn't that bad either.

on the whole i am still waiting for the number one movie of the summer, or any season for that matter. because it sure hasn't come out yet.

Ash_Lee 09-05-06 03:40 PM

Crank. A fun film with an interesting plot, and some funny moments.

IchibanKurosawa 09-06-06 10:02 PM

Beerfest yesterday
movie itself- 7/10
Funny moments- 10/10

thegraduate 09-07-06 09:59 AM

Servant of Mankind 8/10
Liked this short a lot!

The City of Little Men 6.5/10
This was a pretty good short.

BobbyB 09-07-06 01:31 PM

Crank - 3/10

It was stupid and loud.

dojo 09-07-06 05:25 PM

Cold Mountain - 8/10. Not a bad movie at all, not to mention in was filmed in my country :D

VeronicaJ 09-08-06 02:30 PM

a new world 8/10

Randal Graves 09-10-06 05:18 PM

i just watched Jackass....10/ was so funny LOL

spudracer 09-10-06 05:57 PM

The Hills Have Eyes (remake) - 6/10

spudracer 09-10-06 05:58 PM

Originally Posted by Randal Graves
i just watched Jackass....10/ was so funny LOL
I wouldn't go that far.

Escape 09-10-06 07:07 PM

The Covenant (6/10)

spudracer 09-10-06 07:08 PM

Originally Posted by Escape
The Covenant (6/10)
You planning on posting a review about it?

Old Man 09-10-06 10:15 PM

Kill Bill Volume 1 = 8/10. Very well coreographed and fun.
Kill Bill Volume 2= 6/10. Not what i was expecting. I love tarantino, but it just didnt quite satisfy me.

Escape 09-11-06 12:12 PM

Originally Posted by spudracer
You planning on posting a review about it?
No not really heheh. :D

Ok, i'll say something quick. It was ok but had some unneccesary fillers in there. I'm not sure it's for everyone. Pretty basic in a way. The f/x were decent. Oh and that same dude who played the bully in "A History Of Violence" in the pic below this....he's the guy on the right doing his usual bully stuff lol, well he was also in this and again played the exact same character in this. Seemed weird, to me anyways, seeing that since it's really only the second time i've seen him. He has done other fims though.

VeronicaJ 09-11-06 05:10 PM

Originally Posted by Old Man
Kill Bill Volume 1 = 8/10. Very well coreographed and fun.
Kill Bill Volume 2= 6/10. Not what i was expecting. I love tarantino, but it just didnt quite satisfy me.
Yeah watched kill bill to, very hilarious and anti-normal

diamondgeeza 09-12-06 01:07 PM

Green Street 9/10 - Still better than Football Factory....
Peter Kay, Live at the Bolton Albert Hall's (O.k not really a movie)
9/10 - Seen it about 5/6 times still makes me chuckle!!
Nanny Mcphee - 7/10 - An O.K family movie, didn't hold the kid's attention for very long though.

diamondgeeza 09-13-06 04:34 PM

A Spoonful Supreme 09-13-06 11:55 PM

The Protector 10/10

Captain Driftwood 09-14-06 02:19 AM

Strangers With Candy - C

Never enjoyed the show that much, the movie was decent though.

B-card 09-14-06 08:26 AM


m0dern_pr0phet 09-14-06 09:32 AM

Nacho Libre 8/10

If you liked Napolean Dynamite, you will definitely like Nacho Libre. Similar comedy.

diamondgeeza 09-16-06 10:54 AM

Had a bit of a dvd fest last night, We watched-

Human Traffic-9/10, Still love this film

Smokey and the Bandit 9/10, A classic film

Clue 9/10, Don't know why but it's still funny

And finally Monty Python and the Holy Grail 10/10, Need i say more!

thegraduate 09-16-06 02:01 PM

Bully - 9/10
Liked this a lot.

Black_Pylon 09-17-06 02:12 PM

Not the last I've seen, technically, but a worthy story. So a couple of months ago it was unusually hot & I was in a shopping mall. Rather than face the heat, I decided to see a movie, any movie. Cinema there shows movies for $3.50 slightly after their official release.

Oh god, I saw something with Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Anniston (please don't make me look up the actual title). Maybe it was the heat, but some scenes reminded me of relationships I've had. I actually laughed a few times too and not just at the cliches. I feel all dirty...

I want to rate it a 3, but think it sneaks up to a 4 out of 10. Oh the shame.

75uk1 09-17-06 04:01 PM

Scary movie 4 was the last one I saw. I thought it was alright. It seems like the movie is being taken over by adults.
I like the part with the iPod. =)
I rate it as a C

moviehfy 09-18-06 06:06 AM

Xmen 3

cmitchell 09-18-06 06:21 PM


Seriously, the movie was excellent. Perhaps the best movie Ive seen this year.
Originally Posted by moviehfy
Xmen 3

BobbyB 09-18-06 06:39 PM

The Illusionist - 9/10

Really good twist

crusader33x 09-19-06 02:49 PM

The illusionist 9/10

PappaSteve 09-19-06 05:21 PM

"The Island," 7/10

Interesting concept, decent acting I guess. But I felt like it was just missing something, and the product-placement was just pathetic. It's nice to know that in 2019 when we've got around to cloning ourselves for spare-parts, Aquafina water will be the drink of choice for our clone counterparts.

I've been talking about the whole cloning idea with friends since I saw it last weekend though, so in that respect it was pretty good.

B-card 09-19-06 05:28 PM

Miami Vice-10/10

NewDawnFades 09-23-06 01:23 AM

The Proposition - 9/10

A fantastic story by Nick Cave. A very violent and difficult film to get through due to the violence. But, it's a very worthwhile film. If you get the chance, I highly recommend it.

m0dern_pr0phet 09-23-06 03:47 AM

Originally Posted by B-card
Miami Vice-10/10
wow I've heard really bad things about this movie. I've yet to see it though.

nebbit 09-23-06 03:49 AM

Book of Revelation

Avery interesting Aussie movie about abduction and Rape, very graphic in parts 4/5 :yup:

juno101 09-23-06 05:39 AM

Severence- had high hopes but was very disappointed 4/10

fionalin7 09-23-06 06:15 AM

havoc : 8/10

VeronicaJ 09-23-06 05:08 PM

Bridget Jones' Diary 7.5/10

PappaSteve 09-25-06 05:23 PM

Last movie I saw: "The Dead Pool," the fifth and thankfully final chapter in the Dirty Harry series. I remember loving this movie when I first saw it when I was a LOT younger, but watching it again now I really can't recall why. As satisfying as it is to see Jim Carrey get killed- the other 95 minutes of it were pretty much terrible. Number 4 was pretty bad too. The should have just made it a trilogy and called it a day.

Black_Pylon 09-26-06 02:26 AM

Super Troopers 8/10

Cannibal Holocaust 9/10

VeronicaJ 09-27-06 02:40 PM

Gothica 7.5/10
Loads of CSI episodes 9.9/10
Requiem for a dream 10/10

link-a-link 10-02-06 02:02 AM

crank 8/10

link-a-link 10-02-06 02:03 AM

black dahlia 7/10

link-a-link 10-02-06 02:03 AM

man on fire 10/10

link-a-link 10-02-06 02:05 AM

the illusionist 8/10

link-a-link 10-02-06 02:06 AM

jackass 2 9/10

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