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Lola 05-18-04 10:11 PM

Movies you couldn't even finish.
List the movies you couldn't even finish and why.

Marci X - Lisa Kudrow did a rap about designer purses
Idle Hands - I realized it was about a posessed hand
Inspector Gadget - It was too damn boring

The Taxi Driver 05-18-04 11:29 PM

league of extordinary gentleman - jus plain sucked
8 mile - hated it so much
bringin down the house - i jus wasnt interesting to me.

Citezen_Toxie 05-18-04 11:52 PM

I dont think I've ever not finished a movie but sometimes I wish I hadn't
Legally Blonde
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Kate and Leopold

Loner 05-19-04 12:06 AM

Eyes Wide Shut, absolutely hated this film.

Too many others to list.

LordSlaytan 05-19-04 12:23 AM

I left in the middle of my free viewing of The Whole Ten Yards.

Garrett 05-19-04 12:45 AM

There's a thread called "movies you walked out on" or something somewhere... same general idea.

Puppy Kicker 05-19-04 12:50 AM

Originally Posted by Garrett
There's a thread called "movies you walked out on" or something somewhere... same general idea.
Well, for either thread, I submit Dude Where's My Car?, which I couldn't finish because it was a blatant attempt to shrink the minds of the American public.

Caitlyn 05-19-04 01:03 AM

The Wedding Planner... :rolleyes:

This thread is a little different then the "walk out" one because movies on DVD or even TV can also be listed... but here is the link for it:

You Ever Walk Out of the Theater?

Lola 05-19-04 11:48 AM

Yeah, I also just recently waked out of Envy. I paid 10 bucks for about 20 minutes of bad bad film.

higgy 05-19-04 11:51 AM

Home Alone 4, just terrible.

Zeiken 05-21-04 12:14 AM

I never walk out of movies, or turn them off early. But Leage of Extrordinary Gentleman, i had to get out of there. Luckily, they was a midnight showing of Die Hard across the hall.

quiball 05-21-04 01:02 AM

Does falling asleep half way thru count? that would be Coyote Ugly

The Silver Bullet 05-21-04 04:59 AM

Originally Posted by Loner
Eyes Wide Shut...

dangerouslydead 05-21-04 04:56 PM

Cheaper by The Dozens (2004)

Sleezy 05-21-04 10:36 PM

The Royal Tenenbaums - It was just horrible (save for Gene Hackman, who was great during the portion I saw).

Sedai 05-21-04 11:09 PM

Get Shorty


Loner 05-21-04 11:14 PM

Originally Posted by The Silver Bullet
I eventually finished it when it came on HBO, still hated it.

Hauberinia 05-21-04 11:33 PM

Moulin Rouge and The Matrix... I know people who just love them... I couldn't keep watching.

moviedvdfreak 05-22-04 07:14 AM

master and commander
a.i artificial intellegence
kate and leopold
death to smoochy

runningscared 05-22-04 02:13 PM

Legally Blonde-put me off doing law forever and I only saw 20min!!!
Moulin Rouge-made me want to gouge my eyes out.
Dirty Dancing-just couldnt watch it all.

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