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The Taxi Driver 06-09-04 06:00 PM

What was the last DVD you bought and why?
i saw this on another message board so i thought i would bring it here.
the last DVDs i bought was The Exorcist:the version you've never seen because i wanted to see the exorcist again . also Chappelle's show season 1 because its really funny and i havent seen season 1 in a while

Psion 06-09-04 09:57 PM

Citizen Kane Special Edition cause it was a great movie i loved it.

LTwedge 06-09-04 10:03 PM

Hmm...I think it was Helter Skelter. I bought it because I really liked the new one that came on TV and I wanted to check out the old one too.

Krackalackin 06-09-04 11:38 PM

The last two I bought were Family Guy, season 3 and Pulp Fiction. To tell you the truth, I never saw Pulp Fiction when I bought it and man, I wasn't dissapointed at all. I thought it was a great movie. And most movies I see, I don't call them great movies. It was provocative, clever, original, witty, interesting and it had real passion in it. I'd recommend the movie to most anyone and If you haven't seen it, you should. You'll enjoy it immensely from start to finish.

jrs 06-09-04 11:45 PM

One of my favorite all time TV shows.

Sidewinder 06-10-04 12:58 AM

The Untouchables. :)

Trust_ritchie 06-10-04 04:25 AM

The last movie I bought was 5.99 new at Blockbuster (so I was taking a chance on this one). It was called Dog Soldiers, and I actually enjoyed it. It was a British mix of Predator and the Howling. I would recommend atleast checking it out. I liked it and I'm not even a huge horror fan.

The Taxi Driver 06-12-04 10:18 PM

Reservoir dogs because i love that movie. besides pulp fiction its tarantinos best movie

Garrett 06-13-04 04:30 AM

Bubba Ho-Tep ... because Bruce Campbell kicks ass and it's the best Elvis based movie around.

Godsend 06-13-04 06:03 PM


Because I honestly beleive this is one of the greatest action/thriller movies ever'd think it'd be pure gore because of the subject of Vampires and Werewolves, but they prove you wrong. The feeling is great as you watch it. The color of the movie is dark and goes well with the title and the overall feeling.


Psion 06-13-04 07:48 PM

Underworld was great which one you get? Extended Cut? I think Kate Beckinsale is really hot got a poster of her in Van Helsing off ebay. SeXy Purp Lips. Van helsing was ok too. But i liked Underworld Better

The Taxi Driver 06-13-04 08:06 PM

i still havent seen underworld. i will be sure to rent it now.

Escape 06-14-04 10:57 PM

I bought "The Gift" just yesterday. I always enjoyed that one and it was kinda cheap.

blasted_saber 06-15-04 01:07 AM

The Last Samurai, its awesome

Sinny McGuffins 06-15-04 04:43 PM

For a Few Dollars More. I bought this to complete my Dollars Trilogy.

But just before that I bought the Alien Quadrilogy. The best DVD box set ever! I got it for 40, it had been reduced from 70!

Pyro Tramp 06-15-04 06:36 PM

Dog Soldiers is friggin awesome, best werewolf movie ever, possibly]

My last was Maniac Cop (but i dont have it yet as some1 else has it :mad: ) BRUCE BRUCE BRUCE

JANthology 06-15-04 08:40 PM

i just bought donnie darko coz my friend got fed up with me borrowing it.

Mark 06-15-04 08:55 PM

Once Upon a Time in the West - Special Edition

...because it's one of the best westerns ever made.

Psion 06-16-04 10:00 AM

Originally Posted by MichaelMyers
Reservoir dogs because i love that movie. It Quentin's second best movie he ever wrote/directed.
Reservoir dogs wasnt the second best to me
1. Kill Bill
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Reservoir Dogs
4. Jackie Brown

Last DVD i just got was Ed Wood Special Edition =)

Rustygirl 06-16-04 12:21 PM

tHIS may sound really cheesy, but I bought Mona Lisa Smile, becasue it was such a touching movie :bawling:

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