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Momma's boy 11-02-04 10:19 PM

I wanna buy the RIGHT "My fair lady" DVD version
Ok, so I want to surprise my Mom this Christmas with a My fair lady DVD. I'm not sure whether to get the 2 disc one, or the 1 disc. I've never seen the movie, but the people at say that the original 1 disc is better. Problem is, I want to make sure the one I buy online is the 1 disc version. Check it out:

If I buy the imported one, it looks like I save money, but does that mean I have to pay a tarriff when it gets here? I ask you people, because I am not experienced in shopping online, esp. DVDs.

SpoOkY 11-03-04 05:10 AM

I'm not experienced either, never bought anything over the net. Someone should help you though........hopefully :)

Mostly Harmless 11-07-04 05:59 PM

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