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chawhee 05-31-22 07:48 PM

Been following Jose Andres and WCK for awhile now....very happy to see his work is becoming mainstream in a sense. Lovely documentary.

Stirchley 06-01-22 01:38 PM

Originally Posted by PHOENIX74 (Post 2304195)
Yeah, but obviously I wasn't referring to turning it into something that mirrors itself in the regard you're speaking of, that wouldn't make any sense at all. No. I thought it would have been pretty obvious what my meaning was. I'll spell it out letter for letter next time. For the pedantic people and those who get oh so very easily confused.
Gee, whatís with the hostility?

Stirchley 06-03-22 01:44 PM

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Old men in Italy who search for precious truffles in the woods with their dogs. Moderately interesting.

KeyserCorleone 06-04-22 09:43 PM

Re: Documentaries
Apparently, a lot of the scenes for Salt for Svanetia were originally part of a fictional production and edited into this "documentary." I had a feeling a lot of it was staged/stylized. I get the feeling it should've stayed a fictional movie, because some scenes were powerful. But I really don't know my final thoughts about the movie yet. I mean, one the one hand, it;s incredibly well filmed. On the other hand, the authenticity is quite questionable. The emotional side of me wants to give it an 8 or 9, but the logical side of me says that as a documentary, it caves in on its own purpose for existence due to its background as an unrealized fiction.

Stirchley 06-22-22 01:58 PM

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This documentary is so lovely I watched it twice.

Stirchley 06-27-22 01:20 PM

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More episodes from the Columbus, Ohio zoo. Good stuff.

Stirchley 07-18-22 02:14 PM

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Delightful. Very nice narration from Tracee Ellis Ross too.

Gideon58 07-18-22 09:16 PM

Originally Posted by Stirchley (Post 2091411)

What can I say? So good.
I found it a little pretentious and very overprotective of its subject.

Gideon58 07-18-22 09:20 PM

Stirchley 07-20-22 01:30 PM

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Re-watch of a white woman trying to pass for black. Very interesting on Netflix.

matt72582 07-20-22 02:53 PM

Originally Posted by PHOENIX74 (Post 2303842)
The Yes Men are pranksters with a pretty strong political bent - they set up websites pertaining to be certain organisations and figures, and when they're invited to events or interacted with they behave either like these entities really should, or in ways that exaggerate their negative points. Some of their pranks have that Sacha Baron Cohen cringe factor - but their sensibilities are great, and as such I wish them and everyone who models themselves on them all the luck in the world. The documentary is just like a taste of what they do.

I think I'll watch this. Sounds good. Thank you.

PHOENIX74 07-21-22 03:48 AM

Originally Posted by matt72582 (Post 2318446)
I think I'll watch this. Sounds good. Thank you.
They released another documentary a few years later that is better than that one, but in the same vein - The Yes Men Fix the World (2009) - I haven't watched it yet but I intend to.

GulfportDoc 07-21-22 02:50 PM

Originally Posted by Gideon58 (Post 2318030)
I found it a little pretentious and very overprotective of its subject.
Well it probably should be. If you weren't a flower child in the '60s you would likely feel as many of us did that Fonda was treasonous, and wanting to do harm to the American military. To many she was a stain on that era.

Stirchley 07-22-22 02:08 PM

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Not a fan per se, but this wasnít half bad. :p

Another true life crime story from Netflix. Interesting.

Stirchley 07-27-22 01:51 PM

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Not sure if this is a documentary or a movie. Itís both, I guess. Re-watch though I donít know why I wanted to re-watch it.

All based on the premise that actor/director Sarah Polleyís father is not her biological father. Which I donít particularly find that interesting.

Stirchley 08-17-22 01:18 PM

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matt72582 08-27-22 09:24 AM

Re: Documentaries

Stirchley 08-29-22 01:58 PM

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Kind of daft, but good fun. I enjoyed it.

Filmed in 2008. SS officers who are old now & who still deny they were any part of the Final Solution are interviewed, among other Germans & Austrians. Scary people.

Stirchley 09-16-22 01:46 PM

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Very interesting documentary. Very accomplished woman.

matt72582 09-16-22 05:06 PM

Re: Documentaries
Do we have threads that are divided by the streaming platform? Might not be a bad idea. Sometimes I'll see something on Prime, and you are given the chance to choose between the two channels for a trial, and knowing that information could help make decisions easier.

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