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Gtasa0493 04-08-21 02:20 PM

Originally Posted by xSookieStackhouse (Post 2193724)
is it on this list
It is not, :( but thanks

wositelec 04-10-21 03:20 AM

Originally Posted by Gtasa0493 (Post 2191796)
It was about a tall with a burnedlike face killer chasing some guys (one of them was blind). And in a specific scene some guy comes out of a house screaming to another guy who was inside a car that the killer was right there and when the car guy pops his head out of the car window the killer stabs his neck from below.
Please I beg you, help me find this movie, it's been like 20 years I've been looking for it
Maybe: Maniac Cop (1988) ?

Gtasa0493 04-12-21 01:25 PM

Sorry, not maniac cop either :(

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