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filmplace 01-11-16 03:41 AM

Movie-Actor Game
Very simple. Someone posts a movie title. Next person replies with an actor/actress from the movie. Next person replies with another movie from that actor. And so on...

Example being:

First person: Ocean's Eleven

Second person: Brad Pitt

Third person: Seven

Forth person: Morgan Freeman

...and so on

AboveTheClouds 01-11-16 04:20 AM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
Along Came a Spider

Fabulous 01-11-16 05:24 AM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
Michael Wincott

Zotis 01-11-16 05:24 AM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
Monica Potter

... beat me to it.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Fabulous 01-11-16 05:28 AM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
Kevin Costner

AboveTheClouds 01-11-16 05:41 AM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
Dances With Wolves

teeter_g 01-11-16 08:46 AM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
Graham Greene

AboveTheClouds 01-11-16 01:45 PM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
Die Hard With a Vengeance

cricket 01-11-16 01:47 PM

Jeremy Irons

Used Future 01-11-16 04:43 PM

Dead Ringers

sleightofhand 01-11-16 05:28 PM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
Geneviève Bujold
( LOL, I wanted to say Jeremy Irons again, since he plays two roles)

Used Future 01-11-16 05:29 PM


Holden Pike 01-12-16 02:26 AM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
Richard Widmark

Used Future 01-12-16 02:32 AM

Who Dares Wins

Fabulous 01-12-16 08:27 PM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
Judy Davis

urkillinmesmalls 01-13-16 04:34 AM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
Barton Fink

The Rodent 01-13-16 04:35 AM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
Tony Shalhoub.

Derek Vinyard 01-13-16 06:42 AM

Thir13en Ghosts

Used Future 01-13-16 02:19 PM

F. Murray Abraham

Derek Vinyard 01-13-16 07:23 PM

Re: Movie-Actor Game
The Grand Budapest Hotel

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