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ironpony 05-28-20 08:05 PM

Re: Is it true that a good director can bring out great performances?
Oh okay. And of course I try to avoid sci-fi, because it's more difficult to pull off on a smaller budget. For a small budget, I prefer to try a stab at directing a thriller, along the lines of something like Lifeboat (1944), in a small setting, with limited characters. But perhaps the downside of that, budget wise, is you need really good actors to sell it?

Stirchley 05-29-20 04:01 PM

Originally Posted by ironpony (Post 2094855)
What if the director is forced to work with actors who are not the best, because of budget and resources, so they are just stuck in a rock and a hard place. What's the best thing to do then?
Reverse the question & consider what an actor can do when he realizes the director is a dud. I often think about this. How disappointing to learn one’s lines & then on set realize that you’re in a dreadful movie. The only thing to do (seeing as all parties are paid for their work) is to “stay calm & carry on” to the bitter end. Some actors (Kim Basinger, e.g.) break their contracts & face the consequences.

Originally Posted by honeykid (Post 2094902)
Don't forget about Casting Directors. Unless you're someone like Taylor Hackford, they can be quite influencial.
Are they? Surely their job is to find & suggest cast members rather than bring cast members forward whom they wish to have in the movie.

Originally Posted by ynwtf (Post 2094908)
As a director/boss/leader/whatever, how bad of a job must you have done to allow a poor product to be released, completely missing how incapable your staff/crew/actors were to begin with?
Depends how experienced the director is & how much he needs to make a living. Maybe he played the cards he was dealt with & tried to make the best of he situation. There’s thousands of bad movies in circulation.

Is it true that a good director can bring out great performances?
Totally true. I’ve read loads of stories where the actor said later he was terrified to take on the rôle for one reason or another & the only thing that got him through was the director managing to pull a great performance out of him. Julie Christie, e.g., in Darling absolutely refused to do the nude scene. John Schlesinger, the director, insisted it was necessary to the plot. He cajoled & comforted her, told her she could do it, the film would be a huge success, etc. & she eventually did it. (Her comment when she saw the rushes was “not bad”.) And the movie is still a classic of British cinema.

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