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7thson 09-28-19 08:09 PM

Re: Three Lefts Make a Right, and Three Rights Make a Left
The current political climate is worse than ever. Hard to even comment in detail, but I am not happy with my goverment as a whole right now.

7thson 11-13-19 11:06 AM

Re: Three Lefts Make a Right, and Three Rights Make a Left
What a media circus today is.

JoaoRodrigues 11-15-19 11:11 AM

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And since this is a movie forum, and this seems to be the political thread.

Here's Bong Joon Ho, the author of the acclaimed movie Parasites.

There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rins, rubles, pounds, and shekels. It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today. That is the atomic and subatomic and galactic structure of things today! (...) There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM, and ITT, and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today.

Ned Beatty: Arthur Jensen, Network (1976)

Yoda 11-15-19 11:12 AM

Re: Three Lefts Make a Right, and Three Rights Make a Left
As someone who has not seen Parasite but is very much looking forward to it, will reading that spoil the movie in any way (even a small way)?

Yoda 11-15-19 11:14 AM

Re: Three Lefts Make a Right, and Three Rights Make a Left
I saw the word "capitalism" in there so I'm assuming there's some kind of critique. To which I'd say, the evidence that capitalism has alleviated poverty more than anything else humans has ever devised is overwhelming, and any critiques of it are invariably based on taking all that for granted and/or having no sense of how things were and are without it.

JoaoRodrigues 11-15-19 12:33 PM

We born free and we spend our lives earning it, that's capitalism. And by the way, I have nothing against capitalism, I think it might be one of the ways of reaching freedom, I mean, I contemplate that hypothesis, like the 13th century Portuguese's did (Island of Love, according to Luis de Caműes), they believed in the age of the Holy Spirit. When that age arrives (now entering it) all children's would born to be free, consequently be able to be infinitely spontaneous, imaginative, to dream and one day be able to direct the world, in second place, life should be free for everyone, that would eradicate crime, that is also in Tao Te Ching. Overall, the point of capitalism be, lead the society to full development, and economy no longer be needed. People would simply born to create. Is one way of looking at it, and I acknowledge it. It's a beautiful way, in my opinion.

JoaoRodrigues 11-15-19 12:36 PM

@Yoda I don't think it will spoil. When you see it, you'll understand almost immediately the author's point.
The movie is not just about capitalism, he made that remark considering Korea, but he realized that's global.

Yoda 11-15-19 12:38 PM

Re: Three Lefts Make a Right, and Three Rights Make a Left
Got it, thank you for clarifying.

John McClane 11-15-19 12:51 PM

Re: Three Lefts Make a Right, and Three Rights Make a Left
True freedom comes from escaping capitalism. Then capitalism recaptures what was once free. And the process starts all over again.

I honestly believe that capitalism is the end of history. Like there's no place to advance from it. It is the human spirit in totality.

matt72582 11-15-19 01:04 PM

Re: Three Lefts Make a Right, and Three Rights Make a Left
The US system would work if we ensured the basics. It would barely put a dent in the billionaire's pockets, and I think people would be happier, which bring less crime, and maybe some common direction, instead of basically killing each other for money, power, attention, etc.

JoaoRodrigues 11-15-19 02:41 PM

Itís hard for me not to go all nihilistic on all this, itís not because Iím trying to avoid responsibility, or being self-centered, is because, uh, look, my definition of someone wise is, he who attempts to see all the angles without closing the door to a new one, and I try to see all the angles, all the possibilities, but unfortunately my door is closed, the more I dig into a subject, the nucleus, I end up with that, ultimately, not being important. Einstein said: It is a wonderful feeling to recognize the unity of a complex of phenomena that to direct observation appear to be quite separate things. What, because of our education, differentiates us from everything else is our ability to be conscious, our intellect, and that same ability is the one that makes us question, analyze everything else, and establish whatever weíve established, but that ability ultimately doesnít make us more or less important. You might disagree and say: of course it does, we can determine the faith of our childrenís, how can you be so egoistic, we can determinate the faith of our planet, weíre more important than all the other species. Iíve said it before, even if we destroy the planet, we will go instinct and he will probably reconstruct itself, might take millions of years, but it will, and if it doesnít, thatís not really a problem, because problem is created by human conscience, so there is no problem. Weíre in a constant fight to overcome what we think is our limitation of mortality and of controlling the uncontrollable, nature, and weíre a small, very small dot in the history of this planet, and even a smaller dot in the history of the universe. Analyzing the present, this planet is a very small dot in the universe, this galaxy is one of the possibly 100 billion. For some people that is scary, I think that should liberate us. I donít see any of this as negative, I see as positive, thatís why I like zen, it makes us understand that we must des-understand, it makes us be aware of that Einstein quotation.

Now talking about the subject, capitalism. I think everyone that either is against or in favor of capitalism have to acknowledge that, by you simply be reading this message youíre already part of it, indirectly, but you are. Some American said not that long ago: This is the best time in the history of civilization to be alive. His probably right, but that is correct for us, us sitting, writing in a movie forum, our fridge with fruits from all continents, our wifeís with affordable jewelry from africanís 21 century mining slaves, our gas cheap from exploitation of 3rd world countries to keep the oil price barrel stabilized, a part of the reason 3rd world exists is because we need them that way, but the problem in civilization has always been extremism, and now we have extreme poverty and extreme richness, and everything exists in a contrast with something else, you donít know white without knowing black. I think Charles Bukowski said it best: beware of those that either detest poverty or are proud of it. The problem we face is in absurd distribution of wealth, itís inequality, and Iím not sure if capitalism alone is responsible for that, Iím not sure if thatís not human nature being faithful to human nature. I think, that the way I think is possible because of capitalism in some ways.

ynwtf 11-15-19 05:57 PM

Re: Three Lefts Make a Right, and Three Rights Make a Left
Whether I agree or not, I enjoyed reading that. Thanks for taking the time to provide more context to your views.

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