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mightymose 09-02-01 11:55 PM

Hey Laurie... I am trying to find out if there are any plans to release the Return of the Living Dead series on DVD. I've been told they have already been released, but I haven't been able to find them anywhere!

spudracer 09-03-01 12:10 AM

Have you searched every online store??? Like Suncoast, Best Buy, Amazon.

mightymose 09-03-01 12:15 AM

I've found 3, but can't find the first two.

spudracer 09-03-01 12:17 AM

hmmmm...thats weird

Laurie L 09-04-01 12:42 AM we go.

#3 is the only one on DVD right now.

#1 is in was owned by Orion, which went bankrupt. MGM/United Artists bought Orion, but this film is still in contract disputes. So, it will be a while before it is re-released on VHS or DVD.

#2 is on VHS only and is owned by Lorimar which is in talks to sell the DVD rights to Artisan to author, encode, and distribute.

Neither #1 or #2 look to be on DVD within the next 2 years at the earliest. Sorry for the bad news. :(

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