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Gideon58 10-22-20 04:18 PM

Your third shot isn't showing, but I think I recognize the other two and I think the answer is Michael Anderson?

Claireofthemoon 10-22-20 04:57 PM

Re: Name the Director

Gideon58 10-22-20 07:29 PM


gbgoodies 10-23-20 03:16 AM

The bottom picture looks like Gene Kelly. I think the movie might be Living in a Big Way, but it's been a long time since I've seen it, so I'm not sure.

Claireofthemoon 10-23-20 02:10 PM

Re: Name the Director
Gregory La Cava?

Gideon58 10-23-20 02:39 PM

Correct...your turn here, too

Claireofthemoon 10-23-20 03:05 PM

Stirchley 10-23-20 03:40 PM

Re: Name the Director
Dwayne Johnson is all I got.

Claireofthemoon 10-25-20 02:23 PM

Gideon58 10-25-20 02:33 PM

Need more here

SpelingError 10-25-20 02:34 PM

Re: Name the Director
I'm completely stumped on this one.

Claireofthemoon 10-26-20 01:50 PM

Holden Pike 10-26-20 02:18 PM

Re: Name the Director
G.I. Joe: Retaliation + Now You See Me 2 + Jem and the Holograms + Step Up 2: The Streets + Crazy Rich Asians =
Jon M. Chu


Claireofthemoon 10-26-20 02:59 PM

Stirchley 10-26-20 03:16 PM

Re: Name the Director
Bateman is all I got

Gideon58 10-26-20 04:15 PM

The top shot looks like Four Christmases and the middle shot looks like Horrible Bosses, which would make the answer Seth Gordon?

Holden Pike 10-26-20 04:17 PM

Re: Name the Director
Four Christmases + Identity Thief + Baywatch =
Seth Gordon

Gideon58 10-26-20 08:56 PM[email protected]@._V1_.jpg

Claireofthemoon 10-27-20 01:14 PM

Re: Name the Director
Can't see your last shot.

Stirchley 10-28-20 04:14 PM

Re: Name the Director
Don’t know the people or the movies.

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