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Claireofthemoon 09-30-18 02:39 PM

Re: Name the Director
You're up Gideon.

Gideon58 09-30-18 03:27 PM


Claireofthemoon 09-30-18 05:16 PM

Re: Name the Director
William Wyler?

mark f 09-30-18 05:32 PM

Re: Name the Director
I think it's supposed to be Wyler, but the top image with Audrey Hepburn is from Fred Zinnemann's The Nun's Story.

Gideon58 09-30-18 06:30 PM

It is supposed to be William Wyler, I don't know why I thought he directed The Nun's Story, my bad.

Claireofthemoon 09-30-18 06:48 PM

Gideon58 09-30-18 07:08 PM

Sidney Lumet

Gideon58 10-01-18 12:04 PM



Claireofthemoon 10-01-18 12:14 PM

Re: Name the Director
Stanley Donen?

Gideon58 10-01-18 04:24 PM

It is Stanley Donen...your turn

Claireofthemoon 10-01-18 04:37 PM

Stirchley 10-01-18 05:32 PM

Re: Name the Director
Barry Levinson?

Claireofthemoon 10-01-18 05:56 PM

Originally Posted by Stirchley (Post 1955217)
Barry Levinson?

Stirchley 10-01-18 06:04 PM

Re: Name the Director

Claireofthemoon 10-01-18 06:29 PM

Re: Name the Director
We're all posting about three pics. Could you do that?

Stirchley 10-01-18 06:40 PM

Re: Name the Director
I could though I purposely checked the OP first to see if a single gif was okay.

I would know the director from just this one gif, but I will try a little later to post another gif if it’s unsolved.

Gideon58 10-01-18 07:30 PM

Quentin Tarantino?

Stirchley 10-01-18 08:53 PM

Re: Name the Director
Sure is.

Gideon58 10-01-18 09:07 PM


Stirchley 10-01-18 09:10 PM

Re: Name the Director
That’s Silkwood so it’s Mike Nichols.

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