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Travis_Bickle 01-14-04 02:38 AM

The Dreamers
It seems after all these years, Bernardo Bertolucci hasn't lost any of his rebel flair. Since I am too lazy to type something myself on the subject at the moment, I will post the article from I would have posted the trailer link, but it includes some nudity... and I'm not sure about site guidelines... however, if you want to see it, you can also find it on

The story,

Fox Searchlight Pictures has decided to release Bernardo Bertolucci's The Dreamers uncut with an NC-17 rating, making it the first film since 1997's Bent that a major studio has released an NC-17 picture. The decision came a day after the London Sunday Times, in a cover story for its magazine section, had reported that the studio had recut the film for a screening at the Sundance Film Festival this week, trimming some scenes by as much as a minute in order to obtain an R rating. The reported cuts were denounced in the article by the leading actors in the movie. In a statement on Monday, Fox Searchlight Pictures President Peter Rice said: "We believe that NC-17 is the appropriate rating for The Dreamers given that this is not a film for children under 17; it is an audacious and original film for intelligent critics and discerning adult audiences." In the same statement, Bertolucci himself was quoted as saying: "I'm relieved -- in so many ways -- that the distributor has had the vision to release my original film. After all, an orgasm is better than a bomb."

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